Ansett Aviation Asia in Taiwan, is a “State of the Art” professional aviation training centre, part of the global Ansett Aviation simulator training centres. The centre operates as a satellite operation to the large Melbourne Australia training centre that provides training for aviation personnel from all over the world, currently housing 13 full flight simulators, a cabin crew emergency evacuation trainer, modern classrooms and briefing rooms plus a large communal lounge and cafeteria

The Ansett training centres offer a complete suite of training solutions in Pilot Type Ratings, Recurrency Training, Upgrade Training, Jet Bridging and Multi Crew Co-Operation Training as well as Cabin Crew Training. In addition to offering individual pilot’s training programs, under our centres Part 142 approvals, Ansett can offer airlines, pilot training solutions in support of their operations.

Ansett Aviation Asia is part of the global reach of Ansett, the world's leading independent provider of aviation training services that has continued to build on its world leading reputation. The Ansett Training centres are renowned as “Training Centres of Excellence.